ANNOUNCEMENT: OneClickSafe by PAY.ON offers protection against fraud and chargebacks

Fighting fraud
Fraud and chargebacks are a core issue and a significant challenge for acquirers, PSPs and ISOs. The threat is international and ubiquitous. Choosing, integrating and calibrating the right risk management solutions is just as complex. For payment providers, continuously optimising their risk management is essential; however, being able to stay on top of everyday business at the same time is virtually impossible. PAY.ON, leading operator of Web-based, omni-channel payment infrastructure systems, boasts all the necessary expertise thanks to working with leading risk management providers for over ten years. PAY.ON is now integrating this knowledge into the new security product ‘OneClickSafe’ to provide its PSP/ISO and acquirer clients with immediate, maintenance-free, state-of-the-art and secure protection against fraud and chargebacks at the click of a mouse.

OneClickSafe contains the latest and best protective tools against fraud and chargebacks and is constantly monitored and updated by PAY.ON. OneClickSafe is based on all the leading providers’ risk checks, which are integrated into the PAY.ON payment platform. It contains a total of more than 25,000 control rules, which PAY.ON has now condensed into seven highly efficient risk checks of its own. The new safeguard can be activated at the click of a mouse in the client’s back office of the platform in the settings ‘Smart’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Excellent’. All packages offer maximum protection; additional internal and external risk checks can still be taken into consideration without any limitations. One important difference between the OneClickSafe packages is the various functions offered for analysis, reporting and processing, enabling different types of PSP/ISO and acquirer requirements to be met. Acquirers, PSPs and ISOs thus no longer need to invest in their own preventative measures against fraud and chargebacks to protect their online merchants.

Markus Rinderer, CEO of PAY.ON AG: “OneClickSafe now provides acquirers, PSPs and ISOs with highly efficient security packages that minimise fraud and chargeback risks, follow best-practice principles, are already configured and are always up to date, meaning no maintenance is required. OneClickSafe reduces fraud by up to 80 per cent at a mouse-click and is thus an exemplary protection measure against fraud in credit card payments, SEPA direct debits and payments that use alternative payment methods. The risk checks included also minimise chargeback fees and unauthorised transactions. This simultaneously achieves higher conversion rates.”

OneClickSafe has the right safeguard ready for each PSP/ISO and acquirer: In addition to the security barriers automatically included, the ‘Smart’ version offers a global blacklist for every merchant account, a plausibility check by BIN country code (country IP) and a duplicate check in real time. ‘Advanced’ offers all the functions included in the ‘Smart’ version, as well as an anonymous proxy check and a merchants’ account velocity check to identify and combat fraudulent merchant activity. In addition to the functions offered by ‘Smart’ and ‘Advanced’ packages, the ‘Excellent’ package also includes a fraud memory cache, fraud pattern recognition, a 24-hour blacklist check and 3-D Secure for credit card processing. If any further adjustments are necessary, the filters, which are included in all packages, enable the user to make individual calibrations.